C O R E   C U L T U R E


Community: MarKa invites the people and organizations that make each community unique to take part in the development of a project from its earliest stages. Developing the social structure of a space in parallel to the physical environment is crucial to creating a place that is engaging and self- sustaining.

Architecture: MarKa's designs maximize open green space within dense urban environments through the integration of Landscape, Architecture, and Art, the coupling of sustainable construction practices with a commitment to craft, and a passion for environments that encourage human engagement.

Landscape:  MarKa's projects are conceived around the idea of green space. Open green space is essential to creating vital urban communities that are socially, psychologically, physically, and nutritionally beneficial.

Art: MarKa understands art as a vital form of expression that is critical to both defining and strengthening communities. Projects are created as a medium for the arts, providing extraordinary opportunities to create and experience art.



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